How works Steinberg Cubase 5?


I installed steinberg cubase 5 on my computer. I got this from a friend who now has Steinberg Cubase 10.5.
The installation went smoothly. I was asked to install the midi driver for Windows 7 and I did. Also the ASIO driver I installed. But I don’t hear any sound if I want to play a midi file. When I play an mp3 file I do have sound on the computer. The sound system is Realtek High Definition AC97 Audio and is mounted on the motherboard. There’s no sound card in the PC. Could it be because I didn’t fill out a license code? If you start the program, it initializes the drivers and other firmware first, and then comes a screen with features to connect a guitar and micro for the vocals. You can also click on score in this window, and then you end up with a music score by Mozart or Beethoven. I can also load a midi file, but I don’t hear any sound when the marker line runs. Can I download a manual of Cubase 5? If my keyboard yamaha arranger home workstation PSR-S 710 is connected to the computer, and when I push on the keys of the synthesizer I see a red signal line that moves up next to the buttons for play and stop. See also the sreenshots of Cuba’s 5 in the annex.
Maybe a connoisseur of this Cuba 5 program can explain a little more.
Thanks very much in advance,
Kind regards.
Gilbert(Belgium) :wink: