How would I go about creating a 0/8 measure?

Hello! Basically what it says in the title. I have a part in a piece which progressively shortens the meter, like 8/8 at first, then 7/8, 6/8, …, 1/8 which all goes well, but then I want to add a 0/8 bar as a gag, with only a rest with a fermata on it. However I haven’t found any way to do that. Is this even possible?
nula osminovy

Thank you!

I think you need to fake it with text.

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A zero-duration bar? No.

Remove the last time signature. Use a MusGlyphs to type it in as text and resize/position as needed.


Thanks, that did the trick!

And by the way: welcome to the Forum @HeheHaha !