How would I notate Taiko Drum rim hits? And how do I get the play as rim hits?

As the title entails. I’m arranging a piece currently that includes a taiko drum. However, it also calls for rim hits but i have no idea how to actually notate rim hits. I simply just notated normal hits and replaced the noteheads with the Xs, but the playback still plays them as normal drumhead hits than actual rim hits and i have no idea how to change it.

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Have a read of the following from the user manual. Basically, you need a Percussion Map to bridge the gap between your notation and the VST:

Also a video to help. It’s old but should do the trick?

First, you need to make sure the VSTi you’re using does provide taiko rim sounds. Then, when you set your percussion instrument, make sure you create an X notehead playing technique that triggers rim playback technique. Finally, make sure the percussion map (that ensures efficient dialog between Dorico and the VSTi) has the Taiko rim properly mapped.
If you want more precise explanations, you will need to provide more details (such as your VSTi name!)
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Indeed, what VST are you using for Taiko?

Sorry for the late response. I am using NotePerformer 4 for all of the instruments. However, I am unsure if it supports rim hits for taiko. I looked through the MIDI List for Finale and I did not see anything for Taiko Rim hits.

NotePerformer 4

Ok. Look no further :

The percussion map shows clearly what is available. When it’s not there, chances are it’s just because it’s not possible to do what you want (at least, from a sonic point of view).

The alternative is to use another library for that instrument.

Just by the way, amusingly, I am no expert in taiko so I spent some time searching for what a yim hit may be. But it’s just a typo in the topic subject! In case you don’t know, you can edit the subject line if you are the original poster. Not many people know that, and think they are stuck with mistakes. I only mention this not out of pedantry but because I was interested in what this yim technique may be! :slight_smile:

I also note that while I do not have any taiko VST libraries there are at least six very comprehensive ones available I found, apart from NotePerformer.

Note that there’s no typo in the first post, only the title (I don’t read long titles if I read the post, so this prevented me from some stupor) :wink:
I just used some kind of super power I’ve been offered to correct it just now.

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The taiko set in VSL’s Synchronized Percussion has rim hits. I created a user technique and attached an icon from one of the libraries so that it is reasonably compact. I’m not familiar enough with percussion symbols to know whether there is a conventional one for rim hits. Anyway, associate that custom technique with the appropriate slot in your percussion map for the instrument.

I think a rim shot on a snare is an X with a circle around it, no idea whether it’s appropriate to use it for other instruments…

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