How would you rate pro tools midi capability

In comparison to cubendo? I am Considering adding a native hd pro tools rig in order to make the delivery of score to the post house an easier transition. ( instead of sending wav tracks in a Zip file for each reel ). And just wondering if many of you have found that the midi environment for composing is on par with cubendo, or not.

Pro tools MIDI capabilities are way behind those of Cubendo, but I would bet that most people wouldn’t really notice. If you are a power user, forget it. If not, it could work for you.


Thanks for the feedback everyone, I use a lot of midi sends, dabbling with vst expression, otherwise just lot of writing, quantizing, copy and pâste, and do use modify in track view sometimes to Drag notes out over more bars

AFAIK Pro Tools has no Logical Editor equivalent. Maybe it’s there in PT11, but as there are virtually no plugs available for PT11, I haven’t bothered to install it.


Curious how your friends handle ongoing composer changes ( from Director feedback ) handoff from composer studio to the post house pro tools environment sound designers /post final mix process , currently, I just send new and or revised wav files with track name and they drop this in ( this method worked fine with C5 sound personnel in New York ) but If I am in a pro tools environment and I make changes to the score ( audio tracks ) , is the entire project file sent ? If yes, wouldn’t that not sync as I dont have the post mix, other post changes they are making…clearly I have no PT experience to date so bear with me - lol

I can’t understand why you would need to send your entire project file to anyone except when you want them to mix/master your music in your absence. Since you write music for picture, you obviously have a video file with basic sound (dialogues, etc.) as a reference, which in turn normally has a beep sound 2-3 seconds before the picture starts. That is obviously the sync reference for everyone working on that picture. I always include that beep in the rendered/bounced music wave file of the entire reel when I send my music to the sound editing/mixing studio, be it just a demo mix or the final master, and everything will be just fine. Maybe you work differently or I’m misunderstanding the whole point in your post, and you’d think why is this guy stating the obvious while he doesn’t even understand what I’m talking about…

Getting back to the ProTools MIDI subject, in addition to the fact that the MIDI capabilities of Cubendo are superior as stated by other friends in this post, I would like to warn you against switching to ProTools as a currently Cubendo user, simply because they are two totally different apps in terms of architecture and UI, and for you to learn ProTools, you will need to entirely rewire your brain. IMHO, there is absolutely no reason for a Cubendo user who writes music for picture to switch to ProTools.


No and yes, and yes, lol… regarding your first paragraph i have the two pop for each reel , and proceed as you described, I am not asking generally how to sync a score, but in addition to midi comparisons, out of curiosity how headlands friends in the pro tools environment work together, handle mid project revisions, changes from composer to post house, if project files are exchanged or splits are just sent…