How you use MediaBay ?

Just curious how others users deal with mediabay
Most of time I’m using MB just like a sample browser, and this button Deep Results. thats all. all of my using mediabay stops on it

I know there tons of great features, but i captured myself, i spend so many time to originize my pressets,midi,loops,samples inside Windows, then i should always rescan changed folders inside MediaBay on & on… i have alot of sample folders :smiley:

I wanna expand my knowledge of MB, so i’ve be appreciate for any tips form you guys :wink:

ya, same with me. it’s just a sample browser. I like to drag sounds to new tracks as I find ones that I like…

another thing you can do is just search virtual instrument patches. I have saved converted many banks into the vst preset system (Mediabay), those exist at /my documents/VST3 Presets (pc)

Select the mediatype as Plugin presets, then search.
You can preview the patch without loading anything.

You mean like NKS ?

I use for synths mainly, but it’s the same for almost any. Maybe not so much for multi-instruments, though. I don’t use .nks.

As little as possible :wink:

Great for audio loop browsing…too laggy for instrument patches.

Same here.

Although whenever you do something like load a Halion preset it is just the MediaBay under a different guise. :unamused:

how to add custom category ?

Loading presets from the Media Bay on the right hand side for Halion reloads an instance of Halion each time you choose a new preset unfortunately.
If you have Halion initiated on a track and choose a preset from the inspector on the left hand side it does not reload a new instance of Halion and it’s much faster however Steinberg still hasn’t updated the presets to show all of them in the inspector. I’ve requested this of them ages ago and nothing still. All they need to do is put one of their programmers on it to change the presets over so that they show. It would be helpful and efficient.

That explains a lot of “huh?”

Media Bay is the best thing for me. I have a lot of sample sounds that I recorded from my Roland Keyboard and many loops and midi files.
So I made a clean description of them all using the Attribute Inspector at the Max. all the information that I could give. The result I can search into my sounds and get precise results according to my taste. A very good tool if you have a lot of samples, sounds, and loops.
Otherwise all the presets from the VST instruments are sufficient.

quite interesting, you make your own attributes ?
I’m trying to mark all my samples, but its not detail. for ex. i cant mark my kicks Deep,punch,low,sustain & etc. there only one option “BD” same with others