Hi as an experiment I have recorded 14 keyboard sounds in 1 Midi channel in Cubase. So now I want to dissolve midi part but Cubase is not giving me “separate channel” option please see pic. Kindly tell me how to enable this option.
Also I have an F2 pedal please can someone tell me how to connect and use this with my keyboard.

1.You can´t record sounds in a MIDI channel.
2.You answered your own question. If you record 1 channel, there is obviously no other channels you could dissolve.

That’s not right. If you record a MIDI track with the channel set to “Any”, Cubase is able to record multiple MIDI channels in one track which can then be dissolved into multiple tracks. That’s what he’s trying to do.

Open the key editor and change the note color from Velocity to Channel (look at the top right). This will show you if your keyboard is actually outputting notes to separate MIDI channels. If all notes have the same color after doing this, then it’s outputting to one channel and you’ll have to play with your keyboard’s settings to make it work.

As for the pedal, you should check your keyboard’s manual.

Yes it is.If the incoming MIDI Data is one channel (which is what I was saying) there are no different channels to dissolve.
Apart from that you can record different MIDI channels even with the channel set to anything else than “Any” since this does not determine the track input, but the output.

No it does not - otherwise the field wasn´t grayed out, which is again what I was saying in the post above

Your post didn’t answer his question. He’s trying to record 14 different MIDI channels into one track, which is obviously possible (he used the wrong terminology twice, but what he’s trying to do is pretty clear). Nothing about his post answers his own question.

I have been following this youtube video kindly take a look I have given the link below, this video will explain exactly what I am trying to do I have been following it step by step but I don’t understand why it’s not giving me the dissolve part option?

Because, as I had posted already, you haven’ t recorded the different voices with different MIDI channel information but all with the same channel information.
If you still don’ t know what I am talking about, you should really start learning some fundamental basics yourself.