Howdy from the Isle of Wight...

Just thought I’d say Howdy! I finally took the plunge and bought Cubase 7. I recieved my copy from the mailman yesterday and absolutely love it. Wow! I wish I wasn’t stuck at my day job so I could dive into everything C7 has to offer! :slight_smile:

Jono not Bono

Hello back to the isle of white
I was in ryde for 6 months living in the crown … :wink: love the island

do your self a favour and don’t install 7.0 ,download the 7.2 full installer as the disk version of 7.0 is unstable ,in other words it wasn’t worth buying the disk version ,don’t worry im the same ,just downloaded the 7.2 then 7.3 update and everything is groovy :wink:

Thanks man! Cheers for the advice! I shall un-install C7 in a bit and try it out.

I’ve already experienced C7 not responding when closing it so hopefully this sorts it out!


You guys got electricity out on the ilse o’ widget? :stuck_out_tongue:

Well sort of! I’ve got a Hamster running around in a ball powering my gear but he’s ever so lazy and often causes PSU drop outs!