Howto add text for 'Chorus' or 'Bridge' to all instruments

Hi there,

In Sibelius I always abused the “Tempo text” to show in all parts hints like “Chorus”, “Bridge”, “Sing”, “Clap”, etc. and only showing it once in the Score.
What’s the best way to achieve this in Dorico? It’s like an additional ‘rehearsal mark’. I want to use both…

Thanks, Tom

Tom, welcome to the forum. You can use the text tool (Shift-X) and add a border around it via the Properties panel (Ctrl-8). To show in all parts, use system text (Alt-Shift-X). It’ll display on the top staff in the score, but also in all parts.

I used to do this in Finale as well, the same way you did. In Dorico, for score markers like “Verse 1” and “Chorus,” I find I prefer rehearsal marks (A, B, C, etc) and adding a suffix via the Properties panel. So my rehearsal marks now look like A-V1, B-Chorus, C-V2, D-Bridge, etc.

It looks nice, and it works well to show both a description and a sequential letter, which helps both my band and orchestra players.

Thanks!! Works very well!