Howto: Midi Time detection properly

There is a passage which I recorded from a piano into midi. Now everyone says I should use Time detection and then only little has to be corrected after. But I tried, divided / multiplied etc. But no success. Especially, you should be able to move the time points in the temp track. If I do that in the direction of the analysis, I basically have to move all the following ones and only then it is correct. If the passage is a minute, it takes me a while to do that.
Is there an easier solution?
Thanks for answering.


Do I understand you right, you played your music freely. Now you want to get the Tempo, right?

Or do you want to quantise your freely recorded MIDI data?

Thanks for your answer. Yes, I recorded it freely. Now my plan is to quantize it to a tempo (the one I had in my head when playing in order to add drums or cut/paste parts. [I know, ideally, it would be easier to record with some basic drum track or metronome already in the back. But unfortunately for me, the outcome of the playing is never as good…]


Then you have to setup the Tempo +/- (you can use the Beat Calculator). Then use the Quantize tool.