howto upgrade Dorico with no downloading

I’ve been and I’m still a long time Sibelius user, mostly for creating jazz music scores.

I acquired a Dorico 1 license on CD when it became available, but since at that time what I needed wasn’t available (chord notations and the other things typically used in jazz scores). So I never installed it on my computers.

I would now like to upgrade my license to Dorico 2 since it seems to provide what I like and finally stop using Sibelius.

Unfortunately the upgrade option at around USD 100 seems to force me to download the install files (11 or 12 Gb) and the download speed at my place is … 100KBytes/s so downloading would take 30+ hours. Not feasible and too risky.

One can get an crossgrade version with CD at USD 500 or so., refering to my valide Sibelius installation but I find this outrageous since I already have Dorico 1 license

Any suggestion ?

The boxed version is NOT a CD, it’s a dongle and a license and instructions on how to download the software. You need to find some way of downloading it. Sorry!

Most of the download is the sound libraries. The download of Dorico itself is only about 300Mb.

You don’t have to download the whole thing in one 30 hour session. Get the Steinberg Download Manager. That can continue an interrupted download where it left off. You can install Dorico without the bundled playback libraries, though of course you won’t get any playback unless you already have something different, and you will have to do a lot of manual setup to use a different lbrary. (The libraries and player bundled with Sibelius only work with Sibelius, so they aren’t an option, but if you have something like the Garritan Jazz and Big Band library, that will work with Dorico.)

Thanks for the info and the very clear replies.

I have Garritan Jazz Library which is the one I use most often, sometimes Chris Hein Bass, Drums packages aren’t that critical. No problem to do some manual setup if needed (and if is well documented). So I’ll give it a try since I’m really eager to switch to Dorico for a number of reasons.

But I don’t feel it right to only have the download option. Internet access isn’t yet universally available at decent speeds.

I have a side question: Do I need to install Dorico 1 first or will installing the Dorico 2 upgrade package do the job ?

No need to install Dorico 1. Dorico 2 installs as a separate program.


You do, however, need to enter your Dorico 1 activation code into eLicenser Control Center, because when you buy the Dorico 2 update download, you won’t be able to activate it unless you already have the Dorico 1 license activated on your Soft-eLicenser.

Late reply of mine, but that was exactly the question I had in mind after downloading Dorico 2.2 install files right before starting the install process
One more question though, since I use two machines, a laptop and a music dedicated high-end PC, when getting my Dorico 1 license, I opted to get the USB dongle so I could run Dorico on the two machines.

Since then I didn’t install Dorico 1 and as a result I didn’t do anything related with licensing either. So how do I install Dorico 2 using this USB dongle licenser, without having to install Dorico 1 ? Do I need to install another piece of software like this licenser control center ?

Yes, you will need to download and install the eLicenser Control Center (it’s a very small file) so that you can add your current Dorico 2 license to the dongle.

eLicenser Control Center will be installed when you install Dorico 2 anyway. All you have to do is insert the USB-eLicenser that has your Dorico 1 license on it, and when you enter your Dorico 2 activation code it will automatically update the Dorico 1 license on your USB-eLicenser to be a Dorico 2 license.

Thanks for the quick reply

one extra question though, my USB e-licenser likely has no license on it, since I never installed Dorico 1. May be it has already, when I received it

If not, will the eLicenser Control Center allow me to enter the Dorico 1 license on the USB device, and then I can enter the Dorico 2 license ?

Installed Dorico with no problem, just had to run the eLicenser Control Center, plug the USB device which then showed up in the eLicenser window.
Selected the USB device, entered the Dorico 1 license which was automatically changed into a Dorico 2 license as mentionned here above.

So much simpler to install than Sibelius :slight_smile:
Thanks, I’m now eager to follow the Dorico learning curve

You can register Dorico 1 in your licenser without installing the whole thing.

  1. Get eLicenser Control if it’s not already on your system.

  2. Launch eLicenser Control.

  3. Set up your “My Steinberg” account if you do not already have one, and Enter the activation code in this app to register Dorico 1. Such a code should have come with your initial Dorico purchase. Tell the app if you want it on USB dongle, or on the software dongle. Note, once you put it on a USB dongle, the license can be easily moved to other USB dongles, but you can no longer put it on software dongles.

  4. Once you have purchased an upgrade to Dorcio 2, enter the code they send you in eLicenser control. Your Dorico 1 key will get converted into a Dorico 2 key (which will still also work with Dorico 1 if for some reason you were to roll back).

In short…with the current releases of pretty much ALL Steinberg Apps, the registration and licensing part is done through through eLicenser Control, and tracked through your online “My Steinberg” account.

Thanks for the reply. That’s what I guessed and did. Worked with no problem
Dorico is really great and easy to use. Just needs to spend an hour or so to understand the basic concepts and operation principles. The learning curve isn’t steep ! after one day of practicing it, I did things that were awfully awkward to create under Sibelius ! Fantastic work of the Dorico team.