HP ZBook Studio G3 with cubase?

Hi there,

Is anyone using this laptop when running cubase 10.5. CPU is i7 6820HQ. Looking to get a portable set up and have a good deal on one of these laptops. Just curious if anyone has been using it with cubase.


I googled the specs and it looks like a pretty capable beast. The more SSD the better. Might want to turn off any frequency scaling, boost, or variable CPU frequency features, when using it for DAW use.

Hi, thanks for the reply. Yes the specs look good. Im actually only asking, as I seem to be seeing a lot of stuff online about laytency issues with windows laptops. Now this may just be people not knowing how to set up their system. I’ve built a few windows desktops in my time and never had any issues. I’m just curious as I’ve seen a lot of people mention it. Dell laptops seem to be notorious for it. They may be find though. Anyone else want to chime in?

Ibought a G2 , it seems to work OK so far . Unfortunately , this does not say a lot about the G3…