HS 1.6.3 to HS2

Hi all,
I have a Q regarding upgrade to HS2.
Is the downloaded HS2 file a upgrade from HS 1.6.3
or a full intallation ? .
I´m on C7 now and have to do a clean install on a new PC,
do I need to install HS from the cd that came with C6 and upgrade to v1.6.3
then HS2 ?

/ Thanx :wink:

you have to intall HALion Sonic 1 and then HALion Sonic 2 Upgrade
PS : don’t forget if your HALion Sonic 1 content was before 1.5 to install Content 1.5 update then the 1.63 then the 2 upgrade !

Ok , got it :slight_smile:
Thanks for the reply.