[HS2] Accessing GM patches from C7's Inspector' field.

Aloha guys,

Just started to get into HS2 and I love it.

This prob is no biggie but it does change my workflow a lil bit.
(BTW I did do my searches/re-scans and checked the manual on this).

HS2 works fine and sounds great however if I:
(from pg 9 of the manual)

_Accessing HALion Sonic via an Instrument Track
Proceed as follows:

  1. On the Project menu,open the Add Track submenu, and select “Instrument”. The Add Instrument Track dialog opens.
  2. On the instrument pop-up menu, select HALionSonic.
  3. Click OK to create the instrument track.
  4. Click the Edit Instrument button in the Cubase Inspector to open the HALion Sonic control panel.
    HALion Sonic is now set up as a VST instrument in Cubase.

This all goes well. No probs.

When I open the C7 Inspector to access sounds
I get all new HS2 sounds. Great!
But I get no GM sounds. Bummer. :frowning:

I can get to the GM sounds just fine; either from the plug interface or in ‘Stand-Alone’ mode
but I cannot get to them thru the C7 ‘Inspector’ field.

(another approach to get to GM patches is to load HSSE as a plug, and all the GM stuff is still there.
But that’s like goin’ backwards).

There is an upside to all this as well.

Since the Inspector seems to be giving me HS2 sounds only, this is great for auditioning
all theses new sounds. I don’t have to ask myself: ‘Wait’. was that sound already there in HS1?
This is nice.

Getting back to the problem.
But in the coming days once I have finished all my ‘auditioning’ and ‘categorizing’
I would ultimately like to be able to access all my Steiny Halion Sonic sounds
from one place. The C7 'Inspector field.

One other thing.
When auditioning HS2 sounds (from either the plug UI or in Stand-Alone),
I have to double clik to load each sound.

But while in the C7 Inspector I can move to the next sound simply
by using the arrow keys. No double click needed.

Any info on this topic would be great.

A major TIA (thanks in advance) and Mahalo.