HS2-SE content ?

Upgrading to 7.5. Do I need to install the HS2-SE content if I already have the HS2 content installed as part of the H5 installation process?

Same question here.

Same question here as well …

Also not seeing HS2 SE Trip Would also like to know if the additional Vst Sound files in the install file need to be installed? There to do with Groove agent and EDM toolbox?

Hi there,

yes, you need to install the HSSE 2 Content as well if you want to have the new Trip library.


Thanks for the reply!
Since it is massively redundant other than the trip library, does it overwrite the other files where appropriate?

Yes, you do need to install it. I did the 7.5 upgrade only at first but couldn’t find Trip until after installing the HS2 SE content.

Many thanks-can advice in which file to install? could have help if this info was in the file

Actually it will only install the missing content.


Perfect, thanks for the info!

Yes, thanks for the information.

Suggestion: In the “Read Me” file that comes up when installing CB 7.5 you should mention that you need to download/run the HALion file after the CB install for the new content.

Can somebody please advise in which file to install trip? Ive had a look at the read me file but can’t seem to find any info.

God this really is trying my patience. One of the reasons for buying this update was for the new arrpegiator in Halion SE2 Yet I can find no information on how to install the VST files-can anyone help please?

What is so difficult about dowble clicking on a setup.exe file? Do you really need that extra info on a document?

As mentioned Luis my OS is OSX (Maverick) on mac. There is no setup exe file. Also I cannot find any information about
setting up theses files-why do you think Im asking???!

Hi john springate,

then you just have to double click on the HALion Sonic SE.pkg file


OK and wheres that?

Sorry, it is actually a .dmg file and that is the one you have to download from your shop account.

are you referring to the 7.5 dmg update file?

Are you saying they I have to buy the full version of halion SE2 ti get the trip file to work?