HS3: does it work with Logic?

OK guys,
my HS2 plug-in is driving me mad: it is almost impossible to use it with Logic, due to the well-known AU issue.
The 3 years old Steinberg VST-AU patcher sucks.

I’m forced to upgrade to HS3 BUT… does it finally work good with Logic?
No more problems concerning the AU compatibility?
Thanks guys.

OK no Logic users here…

Anyway maybe this can be helpful to someone: I’v downloaded the HS3 Demo and it works perfectly with the Apple DAW (MacOS 10.12, be careful if you’ve got 10.13!!).
So, I have to pay 99$ to get the possibility to work again with Logic: thank you Steinberg :imp:

In the meanwhile, today I updated Logic X to 10.4 (with outstanding new reverbs, vintage EQs and sound patches) for free…
Auf wiedersehen Steinberg!

Keep in mind that Apple is constantly making big changes to their OS which makes things difficult for other developers. The AU wrapper in the current VST3 SDK works better, but it’s impractical to recompile old plugins that have long been superseded. Doing that would inevitably break things, and the time they would spend fixing them would be better spent making the next version better.

Don’t delude yourself thinking that these Logic updates are truly “free”. You’re paying for them and much more the moment you buy a Mac, which costs almost twice as much as a custom built PC… And you’re probably buying a new one every few years.

I can understand it’s not so easy to develop/recompile plugins in this crazy explosion of new and new operative systems every year and surely Apple, as a competitor in this bunch of market, doesn’t help so much other daw producers… but I think Steinberg doesn’t sell music, they sell softwares: I can’t believe they haven’t got a lot of time to test/develop their products using the beta versions of the new OS, for example.
More, this constant policy of pay-to-upgrade is nowadays a bit crazy to me: don’t forget that Cubase costs more than twice as much as Logic.

Anyway, HS3 now is working and that’s the important thing: but the upgrade from HS2 to HS3 will be my last Steinberg purchase.

Beta version of the new OS? Halion Sonic 2 was in development in 2012 and released in 2013. Are they supposed to time travel to fix an issue with an OS update that was released years later?

The AU wrapper used by the current Halion 6 and Halion Sonic 3 is much more polished. This is much less likely to happen again in the future.

Again, this is nonsense. You’re already paying more than half the price of Logic, all its updates, and much more every time you buy a Mac, which is horribly overpriced. Apple is also over 800 times bigger than even the biggest professional music software company, and they could easily afford to offer Logic for free without it affecting their bottom line considerably. This isn’t a sustainable business model for any other music software company. Nobody else in this business sells overpriced computers with big market share.

If you don’t like the idea of updating constantly, then maybe you shouldn’t be using an OS that breaks software compatibility every single year. I’m still using all my Steinberg software from the early 2000s without issues.