HS3 to Halion 6 upgrade question

Hi, I’ve recently bought and downloaded the 30gb Halion Sonic 3 and love it.
I’m now thinking of upgrading to the full Halion 6 version (especially if the upgrade is included in the festive sale! ), but was interested to know if you have to download the full 30gb all over again. (From what I can see most of the H6 30gb download is the HS3 content which I already have).
Any ideas?

You’ll have to download it whole.

Halion 6 has 270 exclusive presets that take advantage of Halion’s more flexible instrument structures, along with a few exclusive instruments such as two 5.1 church organs, a recorder and several ethnic instruments.

But yes, most of that 30GB will be stuff that’s already in Halion Sonic.

Ah, well. Thanks for the heads up anyway. Appreciate it. Hopefully there’ll be an update offer in the sale. Cheers.