HSO 16 Bit Edition Problem


I purchased the 16bit ‘full’ edition of HSO as part of some offer way back when. (Maybe after Cubase 5?) Haven’t used it in years.

I just had need to open an old CPR which uses HSO and although the VSTi loads, nothing sounds. Only the ‘Lite’ instruments appear in the ‘tree’ of available instruments. I tried clicking the ‘Options’ button and Locate Content. I -guess- the proper content is in ‘hsb’ format so I pointed to the folder with all those HSBs. And it didn’t really work. I am able to add individual HSBs one at a time which adds the instruments to the tree. BUT many of the instruments that are added cause the dreaded ‘Missing Samples’ dialog. They will load, but still they will not actually -sound-.

I re-installed from the C5 disks and… the stand-alone player now works fine. All instruments are visible and play. But… inside Cubase, it’s the same issue: some instruments (trombones, percussion) sound but violas, etc… all give the ‘missing samples’ dialog.

Now there is also a folder of VSTPresets. I assume that is a separate list of samples from the C6 version. I -thought- my HSO update 1.5 gave me access to that, but I guess not.

I downloaded a ‘64 bit MSI version 1.5’ but that only installed an HSO exe dated 2007… and it doesn’t help the playing.

How do I get the VSTi to ‘point’ to the content and load ALL the instruments?



BUMP: Anyone?