HSO demo won't authorise...

The e-Licenser app returns an error message when I try to authorise one of my dongles with the authorisation code.

The previous HSO demo which came with C5 didn’t work for me, either.


Which error message do you get ?



Thanks Chris - I tried again and it authorised. The error message previously told me to put the USB key in another slot.

I spoke too soon…

HSO does not show up in Nuendo 4.3 or C6. When I update the Plug-in Information, I get the following eLicencer Error

"Application ‘HALion Player OEM 3.x’ has caused the following error:

eLicenser(s) contain(s) no valid license for this application."

I have Halion 3, Halion Sonic, and HalionOne on this system, on different keys. I’m fairly sure it’s the HSO licence causing this, despite the cryptic “Halion Player OEM” reference.



This thing is not working for me.

The HSO license shows in the eLicenser Control Centre.

I have saved a Support file in the eLicenser Control Centre - where can I get support for this issue please?

Email to Steinberg support produced a lack of any response whatever.

I would have liked to try this VSTi. I might well have bought. is no one at SB interested in sales? Or simple courtesy?