HSO Expression Maps

There was a topic that got a reply from a dev suggesting that a completed set of HSO Expression Maps was forthcoming. Is that the case?

bump… not even a semi-official response?


Here you can find Expression Maps:


Those are for the original HSO maps. I have those. One of you guys said that there would be new maps for HSO matched to the new keyswitch setups and instrument combinations for Hyper Sonic.

In case you mean the HSO VST Sound Instrument Set for HALion Sonic and HAlion Sonic SE included in Cubase 6 as a free upgrade for existing HSO owners (or as trial for all others): the expression map can be called automatically from HALion Sonic (SE).

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Hi Helge,

Yes that’s what I mean. However, the Import Keyswitch is always grayed out when I use HSSE. Is there another way to “Call the expression map automatically”?

Ok, that’s strange, we’ll have a look into it next week.


Well, before you look into it…let me look into it and make sure I’m not just being ignorant. Based on the previous thread and my initial attempt, I never really pressed on with trying to figure it out. So, it could just be me figuring out what to do.

Well, evidently I was doing something wrong when I originally tried because it works as expected now. Sorry for the confusion. And thanks for responding.

It’s good you got that sorted - the new system for importing key switches is saving me so much time, hopefully Garritan, et al will be following suit.