HSO Flexphraser

I have Cubase Essentials 8 and have just installed Halion Symphonic Orchestra.

Can I access the Flexphraser for HSO, because I can’t find it in the software or manuals.

Andy Schravemade on the Steinberg Youtube channel shows how to access the Flexphraser using the full version of Halion5, but not using the stand-alone HSO. (I only have Halion Sonic SE, not Halion5).

Surely I should be able to access it from the stand-alone HSO, and if not, why isn’t it mentioned anywhere?

HSO’s manual is quite short, to say the least!
I’m pretty good at any software, but this has stumped me!

Appreciate any help…

Sorry but using Flexphrasers with Halion Symphonic Orchestra is only possible with the full versions of Halion Sonic and Halion.

Besides the Flexphrasers, the full version of Halion Sonic also has several sounds which you may find useful if you like that film/TV/game score sound, including some fairly good pianos and various flavors of processed brass, strings and choir sounds.

OK. Thanks for the reply.