HSO Full Version Vs. Halion Sonic Symphonic Orchestra Sound

Has anybody here compared the full version of the now discontinued Halion Symphonic Orchestra to the $99 Halion Symphonic Orchestra Sound Set Instrument that comes with Cubase 6 as a trial? Other than the fact the Full HSO has 24 bit samples, and the $99 one is only 16 bit, what else is different? If anything…

Do tell!

You get 110 presets with the new version. They combined many of the presets into multi-articulation programs.
So you don’t get as many specific single articulation presets like pizz and spiccato, they are all included in the new programs. Seems like you get less but the sounds are all there, just in different packaging.

You will lose the ram save function unless you are using Hal 4 to play the samples.
HSSE lets you unload articulations that aren’t being used, nice when you need more ram available.
HSSE handles the playback ok but takes up more ram then the original player did, so you get less
instruments loaded at once.

I got used to the original interface when demoing, then when I purchased and tried it with HSSE
I wasn’t too thrilled at first. It takes a little getting used to.