HSO in old projects-open in Halion SE?

Subject says it all. I bought HSO 16bit with C5. When I open those old projects in C6, will it automatically load Halion SE with the Synphonic sound set?

I would guess not, but what is to stop us using the original HSO, i’m assuming that it will not overwrite anything so it should still be available as it still is… from what i can gather the ‘new HSO’ is just an additional sound set for HALion sonic SE which is included… someone please correct me if i’m wrong though.

You’re right that it’s just a sound set. But I was wondering if Steinberg would put some intelligence in there to switch if HSO wasn’t installed. Probably not a huge deal.

If you’re using the VST Instrument Window, then MIDI connections will need to be changed, as would instrument track settings.

AFAIK the library has been optimized for HAL SE, what this means is anyones’ guess but my understanding is that it would require you to adjust filter settings, envelopes etc again.

No big deal tweaking your productions, sometimes I find I even learn easier ways of working.