HSO not working on new system

I’ve moved from Windows 7 to Windows 10 to run Cubase 10.5. When opening a project (created on Win 7, Cubase 9.5) which used HSO for some tracks, I’m not getting any sound from those HSO tracks.

On loading the project I’m getting messages such as this one:
The plug-in “Symphonic Orchestra” could not be found for Instrument Track “Violins I Legato 16-32 Players”!

HSO is installed (appears to be a newer version than the one I used to see) but perhaps it can’t find its data? What sort of files is it looking for? I have a bunch of .vstsound files in a folder but I’m not sure how to let Cubase know about them.

Any ideas?


Did you use 64-bit version of HSO plug-in in your former project (Cubase 10 or older)?


I don’t think so. The 64-bit version looks new to me.



What do you mean, please? 64-bit version should look exactly the same as 32-bit version. It should be exactly the same plug-in.

In any case, if you were using 32-bit version of the plug-in and now you are using 64-bit of the very same plug-in, the plug-in is not found. From Cubase point of view, these are not the same plug-ins.

What was your last Cubase version before Cubase 10.5, where did you HSO use?


I’ll have to fire up my old system to take a look - tomorrow because now it’s gin time.



Then double check, what HSO version exactly did you use, please. I mean the plug-in version and build number. Plus in the VST plug-in manager, double-check, if this was 32- or 64-bit version. You can also attach the screenshots, please.


Under Windows 7, I opened the same project using Cubase 10.0.50.
The title displays as Cubase Version 9.5.21.
HSO works fine under Windows 7.

W7 installed software:
Steinberg Cubase 9.5 9.5.40
Steinberg Cubase 10 10.0.50
Steinberg HALion Sonic SE3 Component 3.3.0
Steinberg HALion Symphonic Orchestra 64bit 1.0.0

W10 installed software:
Steinberg Cubase 10.5 10.5.0
Steinberg HALion Sonic SE3 Component 3.3.1
Steinberg HALion Symphonic Orchestra 64bit

I do have screenshots of all the installed Steinberg offerings, if you need them.
A W10 screenshot warning about “plug-in Symphonic Orchestra could not be found” and a HALion Sonic SE warning is attached.

On W7 when I edit an HSO instrument I see the HALion Symphonic Orchestra dialog (see attached) which I’m used to. Under Windows 10 it’s different.

VST Versions:
Windows 7:
HALion Sonic SE VST 3.6.13
Symphonic Orchestra VST 3.3.10

Windows 10:
HALion Sonic SE VST 3.6.13
HalSymphOrch VST 2.4

Looks like HSO is an older version and with a different name.

I’ve redownloaded HSO from the “Unsupported Products” section of the Steinberg Download site. (Is it unsupported?)
And reinstalled it - still showing as VST2.4.
Also redownloaded and installed the .vstsound files using the Download Manager.

Still doesn’t work.
Here is an interesting screenshot from the VST Plug-in Manager.


Why are you downloading a supported VST from the unsupported downloads section? That is certain to cause confusion.

If you use the Steinberg Download Manager to get install files you will download the correct, meaning latest, version which as of now is VST version 3.6.13, HSO version 3.3.1.

This is the Plug-in version, by the way. You can also use Halion Sonic SE to load the HSO content, in which case you don’t need the plug-in.


Using https://www.steinberg.net/en/support/downloads.html,
HSO is not listed under “Download Software”, it appears only in the “Unsupported Products” section.

What do you see?



From the W10_IMG_7791.JPG screenshot, it looks to me, the HSO should work, but the library itself is not installed. So the plug-in itself is probably installed correctly. The message says:

Some > Audio files > are missing

Not some plug-ins are missing.

In any case, I would recommend to install the latest HSO update and the the HALion Symphonic Orchestra library by using Steinberg Download Assistant. More info here.

What Martin said. Also, note that once the downloads are done, you can use the Steinberg Library Manager to check on the content files, move them, remove them etc.

Much better than the old system that had the user rooting around the file system and going nuts in the process. :wink:

I found these four files on my old Windows 7 machine which I have executed under Windows 10:
HALion_Symphonic_Orchestra_Installer_win.part1.exe 1480008048 03-APR-2018 11:15:06 [A]
HALion_Symphonic_Orchestra_Installer_win.part2.rar 1480000000 03-APR-2018 11:57:51 [A]
HALion_Symphonic_Orchestra_Installer_win.part3.rar 1480000000 03-APR-2018 12:34:26 [A]
HALion_Symphonic_Orchestra_Installer_win.part4.rar 1472997786 03-APR-2018 14:03:13 [A]
The exe installs the “Steinberg Instrument Set HALion Symphonic Orchestra”.

And the following extra now shows up in Control Panel as being installed:
Steinberg HALion Symphonic Orchestra VST Sound Instrument Set Version 1.2.0

In the Plug-in Manager, I now have two HSO’s:
HALSymphOrch VST 2.4, File: HalSymphOrch.dll, version
Symphonic Orchestra VST 3.6.13, File: Symphonic Orchestra.vst3, version 3.3.1

Everything now works!

It was lucky I kept these as the Steinberg download area does not appear to have the Instrument Set installer.

The link https://www.steinberg.net/index.php?id=sound_content_downloads&L=1 just goes to the Download Assistant download itself - not to any other download.

In the Download Assistant, under VST Instruments and Plugins, and selecting HALion Symphonic Orchestra, only the vstsound files are downloaded, not the installer to install them - as far as I can see.

I now need to try to uninstall the old version (difficult as it’s not in Control Panel) and delete all the extra copies of vstsound files I’ve accumulated.
Thanks for your help.
Regards, Richard.

For anyone finding this thread via a search-

The method to manage VST content has changed over the past year. The Steinberg Download Manager and Library Manager should be used rather than manually moving files.

Also, double-clicking on the VST instrument content files suffices to install them to the default location.

The Steinberg Library Manager provides a way to set the default location.

Halion Symphonic Orchestra is not working on the new system?
what system are you talking about because i am about to download it to my cubase elements 10.5 working on a mac running 10.15.
should i expect surprises?

It is working now on my Windows 10 machine - I don’t know about Macs.