HSO not working with 3.5 demo?

Hi, I downloaded Dorico 3.5 demo today after hearing how good it is. I have used Cubase for years and have Cubasis on my iPad. My son and I currently use Presonus Notion with East West. I first started with C-Lab, then Encore, Finale and hated Sibelius.

My son is going to study composition at University and wants to change to Dorico as may work better with East West. I wanted to try it out and listen to the HSO samples. We have an East West cloud subscription so will try these with Dorico

My version of Dorico 3.5.10 works very well with all the Arturia synths and other VST instruments however does not work with the HSO. My instruments panel shows HALion SE but not HSO.

  • I have uninstalled everything and installed again.
  • I have deleted my roaming profile files and let Dorico create new ones
  • I have run the load sounds from play menu
  • I have run the playback template and set to HSO

Nothing works so presume this no longer works.
I would be grateful for any help.
Thank you


Welcome to the forum, Sean. Did you definitely download and run the Dorico 3.5 Sound Content installer (that’s a direct link to the Windows installer)? If not, please do that and then report back.

Hi, I figured it out. You have to load the HSO samples within HALion SE.
I was looking for the HSO link on the VST Instruments drop down menu.

I can finally test the different HSO samples. I think the East West are better, however glad I can play with the demo.

Thank you

Sean, you should find that Dorico loads all the sounds for you automatically. If everything is working as it should, when you add a new instrument to a player, Dorico will automatically load an appropriate sound into HSSE for you. Make sure you have the HSSE+HSO (Pro) playback template chosen as the default playback template on the Play page in Preferences.