HSO not working with Win 10

Recently upgraded (not by choice, I miss my windows 7 laptop with a fiery passion) to Windows 10, along with a beefy new computer with SSD with the specific intent to record music with Cubase 7.0 PRO and vst plugins. I use Cubase 7.0 PRO which is more than enough for me. I use a lot of vst instruments - mostly with Konktakt Player 5 -I also have 8 and Best Engine Service to run Forest Kingdom libraries. Those all work perfectly. Even with reinstalling Cubase on a new computer. Can i just mention how much I love using Native Instruments installers? So easy.

I just went through my history and noted that I had this same problem in 2014 and 2016-- any time I needed to reinstall HSO and Cubase. I don’t remember what I did to get it working on my laptop which is now kaputz. But on my new computer? I cannot for the life of me get HSO to work. Tech support, failed me once again - I even got the same rep back in 2016 who kept asking me to reinstall the program and update Cubase - still didn’t help.

Here is what I have tried so far -
Using HSO as a stand alone - I don’t even recognize this interface, it looks different
Downloading all the updates from Steinberg and the download assistant
Copying the additional content into the appropriate folders on the c drive (SSD) which takes up a good chunk of my SSD drive
I’ve stored all my other vst plugins on my HDD drive which is partitioned into four parts (one for music, one for sound libraries/samples, one for day to day computing), and then C drive is saved for system files.
I’ve tried using sonic and Se - the instrument list does not show up
I’ve tried scanning for media and adding folders manually via plugin set up in Cubase - still nothing
I’ve updated everything
Product has been activated and registered since 2014
I have tried moving the vst sound files into different folders
I’ve tried reinstalling Cubase and HSO a few times - and still nothing

I have spent literally, hours of my life on this. And I just cannot even with research and following tutoritals get Cubase to recognize HSO.

Has anyone run into this issue with Windows 10? How did you fix it? As mentioned, Konktakt and Best Engine work well as do all the other components of Cubase.

Can I also say, tech support is appalling. Frustrating as hell.

So I finally got Cubase to recognize the sound files. What do you know. It is now saying the license is not valid! After tech support assured me, that yes, the license was still valid and good even on a new computer.

This has been the most frustrating experience I have ever had with software. And that’s even after cussing over Itunes.

I’ve never had any installation issues with Best Enginer or Native Instruments. I actually love their platforms especially NI. So easy to use.

But this has been a legitimate nightmare.

More people need to do tutorials step by step processes on youtube. This would be extremely helpful. I searched but the only videos that came up were in another language. That’s how I learn how to do pretty much everything.

It sounds like you are doing extra work that could be avoided. Do you have the Halion or Steinberg Library Manager? You can move the files where you need them with it, and actually is way less cumbersome than the NI stuff (at least Kontakt, which is what I use.)

If you would some help on this upload a pic of your elicenser window, and the exact error text.