HSO Sounds level issue


I don’t know if I just missed something concerning level setup, but when I load the included HSO string sounds into my H4 they are really really quiet. To get a usable volume I have to boost them by about 16-20dB.
Can anyone confirm this?

thanks, greque

under the zone tab, check the amplifier section and see if it is set to -12db by default, or if there is a pad set for -6 or -12.


thanks for your answer. There is no level setting in the amplifier tab but 0dB. There was a pad set to -12db and when I switch it to 0dB Headroom the (e.g.) violin plays at maximum -32dB. That’s not much…

regards, Greque

With HSO it is almost always because your Mod Wheel is down. Try setting MOD to 127 or, if you have a keyboard attached, move your mod wheel to the top.

What he said.
I noticed that the HSO sounds have a VERY low volume …