HSO sounds - very quiet... [SOLVED]

Anyone else see this…?

It gets more curious… I’d bought and installed the previous 16bit deal offered at C5… Its still all installed and I can launch that version as standalone, and it all sounds good.

I have the HSO VST Sound Instrument Set 1 installed from the disc that came with C6. I’ve rescanned (what I think to be) the right locations in MediaBay, but interestingly, I don’t see a HSO ‘instrument’ listed, like I see GrooveAgent One etc… I can get the HSO trackpresets to list (there are 24 apparently…) when I choose HALion Symphonic Orch as the Plug-in, but no actual sounds are listed…

In HALion Sonic SE I can browse for tons of sounds and some I recognise as being from the Symphonic Orch. When selected, they load (say Double Basses+violin) with the HSO UI in the edit page, but are very quiet in volume compared to all other Sonic SE sounds. I’ve not altered any of the volume settings, master or mixer wise…

Any thoughts please anyone…?

If you check HalionSonic you’ll see that “Mod Wheel” is selected as the expression control. If you’re using a keyboard you could change it to “Note Velocity” and then the expression (ie “loudness”) will relate to the speed of the key press (ie how hard you hit it).


You’re a star James - thank you… Sorted.! simple when you know these things… :slight_smile: :sunglasses:

Now, to track down all the sounds - or, why are they not showing (as I expect) in MediaBay…?


I found that if you filter on the term “HALion Symphonic Orchestra” you get 111 sounds listed. It’s very confusing to have the HSO sounds mixed up with all the other ones.