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My Halion library install has turned into a total mess. It kicked off when I installed Dorico for the first time. I previously had the Halion libraries installed to an external drive that shared a bus with my elicenser dongle. But I want to be able to use Dorico dongle free so I reinstalled the libraries to the C drive and changed the path in the library manager . But now neither Cubase or Dorico can find the libraries and throw up a ton of errors upon launch.

Did you change the path only, or did you move the libraries to the new path with the library manager?

Btw, there is no need to reinstall the libraries.
A move with the library manager would be enough.

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Try going to the Folder where the libraries are installed and double+click on any .vstsound file. This should launch the Library Manager and register anything it finds in that folder and all its sub-folders.

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If you mean you changed the Library Default Location this does nothing for already registered sounds files. Use the Move button instead, or do what Raino says:

This is not correct, and is actually not related to this question. (I mention this for people who land here from a web search, to avoid needless effort)

I can’t move something if the drive it is on is not plugged in. So I changed the path and reinstalled the sound set to C: but it couldn’t see them. I messed about a whole bunch and ended up deleting anything to do with Halion and Dorico and reinstalling Dorico and it’s recommended sound set and it works. Pfff…

This would be simpler (for the next time):

I was aware of that as a possible option but not willing to go through a massive list double clicking on every one like a chump.

That’s definitely not what was suggested. One click on a file is all that would have been needed.

Obviously I’m holding it wrong.

If you are going to double-guess advice folks give you, why ask in the first place? You ended up trading a 20 second solution for a couple hour solution.

I’m sorry man, can you ever forgive me?

It may take years, but…

Anyway you already paid the price with the extra busy-work

raven piano library in halion 6 crashes
cubase 12 pro, as well as in standalone mode
can’t load any raven presets
all other libs are loading fine in halion 6

any advice?!