HSSE problems

[Standard disclaimer: yes, I searched]

Knowing that audio settings can be so finicky, I never should have messed with mine.

I can no longer successfully save and close a project that has HSSE as the playback template (files that use NP work fine).

If I try to open a project that has HSSE as its template, it stops responding. Force quit. And the next time I restart Dorico, it hangs when trying to load the audio engine (something to the effect of “Audio process died,” which sounds slightly macabre). I have to find VSTaudioengine in the Task Manager and force-quit that.

I think it happened when I tried out the Iconica trial… when it expired, I uninstalled it, removed the license, and deleted the files. For a while, I was getting a pop-up that said something like “these files are missing: Iconica, etc.”

Can someone please help me undo whatever I did? Thanks!!!

PS: Iconica is a fabulous library with horrible installation instructions, unless I missed them somehow.

Update: I solved this by removing all Halion Components. Everything works, although Dorico is quite sad that I’m missing Halion for playback. Never mind, NotePerformer works for me. Although someday I would like to figure out how in tarnation to actually use VSTs successfully. And yes, again, I read the manual… but I can’t get Kontakt to show up.

I’ll leave this monologue up in case it’s helpful for a future search…

With Kontakt I can help you, but I first need you to create a diagnostic report (Help > Create Diagnostic Report) and send it to me (u dot stoermer at steinberg dot de).

For the other problem, sounds really strange and I don’t know how you could have messed it up. I’d assume that reinstalling HSSE fixes your problem, but I would not guarantee immediate success. I’m willing to help you through, so it depends on how much effort you want/can spend on it.

Thanks Ulf. I’m all in. :wink: I’ll email you.