Hub - multiple flows not selected

  1. Start a new empty project and don’t select “Project will use multiple flows”
  2. Add some instruments (in my case using the Ensemble picker)

Result: The score will not have the flow header shown, but the parts will display the flow header. This is not, what I would expect, when I don’t select this option in the hub window.

In general this doesn’t happen. I wonder whether you have got saved layout options for part layouts, and the flow headings option is set in your saved defaults?

I have checked with the Library manager. Everything is on default in the layout options.

Please do Help > Create Diagnostic Report and attach the resulting zip file here.

Dorico (4.0 MB)

Here you are.

On the face of it, you don’t have any saved layout options for part layouts. Could you please try quitting Dorico, and temporarily moving the file layoutoptions_scores.xml out of %APPDATA%\Steinberg\Dorico 4? Then restart Dorico and see whether you get the same unexpected behaviour.

Hi, Daniel, moving the file out of the folder makes no difference.

I’m afraid for the time being I’m out of ideas. I’m unable to reproduce this behaviour.

I tried a lot of templates. Except for the empty template, everything looks fine.
I have a few other problems like Trumpet in B flat missing (German Version). I updated Dorico since Version 1 with every new update. Perhaps it would be advisable to bring Dorico into a fresh state?!?

Your most recent reply helped me to understand your initial post more clearly. You are talking about specifically creating a project template from the Empty choice in the Hub, and the part layouts that get created when you start adding players to such a project. I can see the behaviour you describe, and we’ll adjust this in future versions.

Thank you! Sorry for wasting your time more than necessary. I always try hard to explain everything clearly, but English is not my native language. Therefore I sometimes fail …