Trumpet in B flat missing (German Version)

I have a strange new problem, which is perhaps new to Dorico 4.3.20. At least I didn’t see this before.

When I want to add a “Trompete in B” there is no “B Be” anymore. Instead there are a lot of trumpets in ‘H’ (B natural). Not good, if the most common trumpet is missing …

The problem seems to be related to the Noteperformer playback template.
I switched to Noteperformer as my standard playback template, to avoid the problems with Halion 7. If I change my standard playback template to silence or back to HSSE + HSO, the trumpets are normal again.
I never changed my standard playback template before. Therefore this is probably not a problem introduced by the new update.

I don’t think a playback template can influence which instrument types appear in the picker. With NotePerformer of course it does import a default score library, but unless that’s got instrument definitions in it, I don’t see how this could be the case.

By the way, the crash log you uploaded in the HALion 7 thread is actually the same kind of problem shown in the other crash logs you sent to me. It’s not related to HALion 7 at all, by the looks of things.