HUB News blank...

The news feed in my HUB in version 9.5 is blank. ie: No news items are showing. The news items still show in version 9…

I’ve added an exception in my Symantec Firewall for Cubase9.5.exe… still nothing.

Am I the only one?


Same here for News. Other tabs are filled in. Probably there are no news for Cubase 9.5 yet. :wink:

NEWS is blank

New Features
Quick Start

All have something listed on the right box but the pic link on the most left has a ? mark in it, you guys seeing this?

Anyone, anyone??

Having the same problem on windows 10 i cant even load a project or select one how can i fix this im sead in the water

No news in the hub for me neither. Win 10

Everything is blank i cannot even go into prrferences… windows 10 32gb of ram intel i5

In this case, I would recommend to trash the preferences.

What do you mean not understanding … i cannot use 9.5 at all

How do you close down the news feed side as my machine is only online for updating? I managed to do it for 9 but for the life of me I can’t remember what I did.

Edit: Found it

Preferences/General/untick Hub

I reinstalled didn’t work then did a full instal rebooted

Un-click the “Use Hub” option in the preferences, general section. The hub will not auto start but it will only show the right side when you choose File/New Project. I think this was the same in prior versions… maybe. :wink:

Edit… well, I guess you found it while I was posting. :wink:

Regards :sunglasses:

Reported as a bug.

This is the whole problem with doing things once with a brain as old as mine. Forgetting gets easier! Thanks anyway.