Huge 3 seconds lag on audio editing!

Hi, guys!

Annoying problem! My recent interview edit turns into a nightmare. Same job, on the same computer, BUT with Artist 7 took me a few minutes month ago!
Here I am with the latest Cubase 10:
Clean project, import 10 minutes audio mono file and when start to process even small regions, big delay comes in! With every simple edit operations like cut, input silence, gain, normalize, etc. I have to wait 2-3 seconds until my screen refresh the picture.Check the link for video
It can happen with my very first edit, it can happen after 10 minutes.
No CPU spikes.
No latency problem with playback, MIDI, VST.
What I miss? Where to look?

PC Configuration:
Windows 10 64, Intel I5 7400, Asus Prime Z-270 K, SSDx2, HDDx3, RME Fireface 802

Best regards

Hi and welcome,

What graphics card/driver do you use?

Thank you, Martin!
I am still using MB ASUS Z-270K onboard GPU Intel HD Graphics.

Just test it Cubase 10 Elements on my laptop: Think Pad Yoga, Win 10, Intel i7, GeForce 840 M/Intel HD 550 - same situation!!!


Do I see it right, you pressed Delete? So you want to cut part of the sound? How long is the file? Is it WAV file? What sample rate, bit depth, please?

Right, I press “del” and wait 3 seconds!. Same 3 sec delay with any process like cut, paste, normalize, gain, fade, even undo!
Audio file is 20 minutes long, mono, 16 bit, 44,1 kHz.
I’ve edited files with same length with Artist 7 on same PC without delay.



What graphics card do you have? Could you try connect different graphics card (for example if you have any integrated on your motherboard), please?

Onboard GPU Intel HD Graphics 630


It seems, your Graphics card is not supported. Read this article, please.