Huge Android Tablet

I wonder if this would run Cubase IC correctly, or any other DAW app.

I have an Asus 18.5" tablet that I used to run IC Pro and currently use to run Lemur. Besides IC Pro’s limitations it worked fine and runs Lemur very well. However, since IC Pro has been discontinued for Android the point is kind of moot. Because I could run a big giant screen was the whole reason I was using Android, something I don’t think Steinberg really understands. The apple ios ecosystem as a whole is very limiting, especially the fact that you are limited to using only Apple hardware. Even the upcoming iPad Pro at 12.9" is not nearly big enough for me.

Ouch. So I guess I should get an iPad. that’s really disappointing.

As a very disappointed iC for Android user I think it has become clear that Steinberg are an iPad company. If your need is not urgent though, you might want to wait a few months because it’s looking like Microsoft are about to launch some interesting stuff and – this a pure guess on my part – they will want to have a cheap tablet with Windows 10 on the market. The latest version of their dev tools allows easy porting from iOS so it won’t take long for a version of iC Pro to appear.

I really wanted Steinberg to adopt Android but that’s not going to happen now, so the next best thing (as in, the least worst option) would be Windows 10. I am not going to start getting into Apple hardware at this stage.

The iPad Pro looks gorgeous. I just hope the steinberg apps can be updated to make full use of the high resolution screen on that thing.

Cheap Windows tablets have been crawling out of the woodwork for the last year. Like with Android, the low price comes from using lower-res screens (like 1280*800), but otherwise, some seem good very good value, and look capable of taking some studio punishment.