Huge ASIO Spike Crackle open Volume Shaper with Video

Opening Volume Shaper generates huge ASIO Spikes in Cubase 11, mostly when a track is armed.

PC SPEC: W10, I7 9700k, Intel 630 Graphics, 64GB RAM, 250 NVMe HD.

Likely related to Graphics, the wave display. Other display related plugins no issue. I’ll be sending link to Cable Guys too.

Can anybody else confirm this as an issue or working fine?

I’ve tried different dated graphics drivers, and it’s worth noting the latest Intel 630 (switching to Intel Driver Support Assistant from the Motherboard OEM update, ticking the box in IDSA to use their latest driver instead of theirs via the MB software) breaks the dual screen making the DVI output washed out, blacks very grey. All divers have the same ASIO issue.

Can someone please help me here and confirm this for me. It’s driving me insane trying different graphics drivers and settings… when it might actually be how it is.

Thank you

SOLVED! Whatever was causing the issue, Cable Guys have fixed it in the update just released. Not only that but we got a FREE Awesome Distortion plugin added to the boxes.