HUGE Electro House using Cubase /w Padshop Pro & Retrologue

Check this out, it’s not mine but my arch nemesis’:

Rainbow Warfare - Remission

Insane talent, imo (as biased as I might be)!

He’s put a list of the stuff he used to make it, which is quite interesting.

By arch nemesis I presume you mean friend. Though friend or stranger I must say I find it quite peculiar that you’d post someone else’s music, even with permission. If we had questions about specific things that only the composer, creator, performer and/or producer could answer then it’d be a very pointless thing for someone that isn’t any of those to post. Unless you are he, of course.

Anyway, the dissonance of the wobbling bass was a bit too much for me at parts, though some of the rhythmic elements of it I thought were very cool indeed and added to the catchiness of the hooks. The jazzy chords at parts certainly gives it an edge over similar things in this genre that I’ve heard, though I haven’t heard a great deal from this genre. If the chords are the product of that chord create feature, that I’ve never actually wanted to try out myself, then I would be a lot less impressed. Otherwise I’d say very well-crafted and polished production overall. An enjoyable listen, which isn’t something I usually think with this genre of wobbling dissonant electronic basses…which is probably my only negative comment regarding this track.

I have to reject the word talent (as I always do.) I think it completely undermines the hard work that this guy has clearly put in to achieve this high standard of both production and writing. It’s also quite discouraging to others if they start thinking it’s about talent one is born with and not hard work, because that is simply untrue. Though a very small margin could be attributed to some degree talent. :sunglasses: