Huge latency when recording MIDI from one channel to another within Cubase

Hi people!

So, I’m doing a few experiments with some VST instruments that generate MIDI outputs and trying to record those and use as MIDI generators.

So, let’s say MIDI Channel X input is connected to Synth’s Y output, and then I just record whatever is coming in the MIDI channel.

It all works very well with amazing precision, only, and only if the MIDI Channel output is not connected to any other device or VSTi (thus not producing any sound), otherwise, incoming MIDI is delayed by a huge amount! :cry:

It really doesn’t make much sense, as why the MIDI channel output will cause incoming MIDI messages to be delayed, and by that much. If it would be something on the mater of delay compensation, the behavior should actually be quite the opposite, messages being shifted in the opposite direction.

Can anyone help me understand why is this happening?

The image below illustrates what’s happening to the MIDI messages the moment I connect the MIDI channel output to Synth 2.

Btw, ASIO Guard and MIDI recording latency compensation are all disabled.