huge midi latency problem

Hi cubase users,
First and for all, sorry for my bad english…
I just bougt a new setup (i5 pc, fast track ultra 8r, cubase artist 6 + reason 6 rewired). Untill now I hadn’t had any problems with latency. Not with recording audio or with recording vst instruments or in reason. But yesterday I started to record some midi with my Korg MS 2000B via my midisport 4x4. At first no midi came in although there was midi activation in the channelstrip. With a second attempt, midi notes came in way too late. After a quick search I activated the timestamp boxes. Recording midi was fixed, untill I wanted to play the miditrack. There was a latency of 1/16 note. So I moved my part 1/16 and compared it with the same midipart played by a vst-instrument. They don’t came together. Sometimes the note of my korg came to soon or to late. I use the ASIO driver of my soundcard, so that can’t be the problem right? So please, can anyone help me? :frowning:

Strange, did some synchronisationsettings and found out that the notes didn’t come to late, but to early. I have to move my midi part 1/16 to the right, to get it correct in the song. :open_mouth:

any help by the way?

This has been a popular topic of discussion lately. Maybe you can join in on one of these threads …

And can I suggest you should also post off a (detailed) support ticket to SB via MySteinberg account site.


I remember having similar issues when once using a midisport. The general advice on setting up is not to use emulated midi ports but I found that using emulated ports solved the problem of midi notes being misplaced. Might be worth a try?

Thanks for your help. I have send my post to another forum and the told me to move a file in the midifolder to the cubasefolder so you get emulated midiports. I hope it will do the trick. Send my question to the support team. Here is the message they returned me.

I am out of the office from 04/30/2012 06:00 PM until 05/24/2012 10:00 AM.
I will responde to your message when I return.

Well thanks a lot steinberg. I will just stop making music for a month so you guys can have your holiday.
Support, my ***!!! :imp: