Huge performance load on C12 when record enabled on VST Synth

Noticed something interesting. When I have record enabled on certain VST-synths (VPS Avenger in this case) and just playing back the song, the real time and peak performance get huge loads. When I disable record - the performance is much better. Does anyone know why this happens?

My computer has intel i5 10600K, 32GB ram, SSD with Steinberg Power Scheme on.

Is this normal or is it VST’s fault? I don’t remeber seeing this in C11.
Here are 2 pictures. Other one has record enabled on the VST synth while in playback, other has record disabled. The difference is huge.

To record something is much more stress for the system…
Do you hear any dropouts?

Not really. But I noticed some other problem with C12. There is input lag present with my midi controller (Maschine Mikro Mk3) that is not present in C11. Just did a comparison and there is definitely input lag between pressing the button and hearing sound in C12.

I made another topic about that issue.

I saw it already…

Hello i think it is due to the fact that now asio guard works better …

Well, the performance meter is a bit different between C11 and C12, I don’t know whether they’re exactly comparable…
I would expect higher peaks with record enabled, because it moves the track from the high buffer ASIO guard queue to the realtime, low buffer queue which uses more CPU (depending on the patch in question and the ASIO buffer size of your interface).
Edit: I’ve just seen another thread where some people experience performance problems with asio guard and synths, so it might of course also be that: Cubase 12 Upgrade ASIO-Guard Issue - #20 by dlion16