Huge project file size


please how can I reduce the size of my projects?
I’ve been working lately on a new project (mainly midi and automations) and the size jumped over 100Mb.
I backed up the project but it didn’t help.
I set automation resolution to 80%.
Is there anything else I can try?

Turn off automatic hitpoint detection, if you got any audio in there. Btw 100mb is not a lot.

If this is about the size of the .cpr file, I think 100 MB is huge indeed. But I have mainly audio only projects…

How many tracks and how long is the project ?

The project is composed mainly by midi tracks but there are also audio tracks where I did a lot of editing.
I will try to bounce some audio track and will see if it improves.

Hello I’ve found out what was the problem.
It was to plug glitch which for some reason increase the project file size 7 mb per instance used.
Hope it will help!

On save each plugin is given the chance to add a chunk of data to the save file, so it all depends on what the plugin wants to save how big the file will end up

Interesting. Thanks for reporting back.

I found that Best Service ENGINE ( also cause huge project size. From 8MB to 100MB with 10 instances.
I was wondering why my project folder have +10GB with just few audio samples :smiley: