HUI Emulation

I just upgraded from Cubase 2.2 to 5. i have a tascam DM-24. I was able to HUI to it in 2.2 but can’t find out how to make it work w/ cubase 5 … any help would rock…

Operation manual chapter “Remote controlling Cubase”

Although reading the manual is always helpful, it sounds like you already know how to set it up with HUI in the old version, perhaps you could be more speciific on the issues you are having?

There was a choice for tascam (HUI) in 2.2 can’t find it in 5.1

THANK YOU ThinkingCap… I got it

Well, now that I took the screenshot (even if too late) :slight_smile: I´ll post it nevertheless…
Devices-Device setup-Remote control devices…

Can you break it down step by step as i have a dm24 with cubase 6 and can’t figure it out. Do you have the motorized faders and touch feature working?


Found out that my MIDI out port to the DM24 was not functioning. Ah, there’s your trouble :frowning: