HUI protocol fader conflict - solved

Hey, guys.

I have a Mackie D8B that has a HUI mode. I have it setup in Cubase using thing Mackie HUI device, and for the most part everything plays nice. However, faders in Cubase seem to compete with the HUI faders. If I move a fader on either one, it enters a loop where both faders just jiggle back and forth.

It looks something like moving the fader on the HUI sends the info to Cubase, but before Cubase can respond it’s already sent the current fader position (i.e. before I moved it on the HUI) back to the HUI (and vice versa if I move the channel fader on Cubase first). So, the sender of the fader change tells the other to move, but the other tells the sender to stay. And the dog chases its tail.

I have D8B midi out routed to Cubase midi in, and Cubase midi out routed to D8B midi in, which seems necessary because the have to communicate with each other.

While my hardware is a D8B in HUI mode, I would imagine this would apply to any hardware device using the HUI protocol. Anyone have any thoughts on what I have set up wrong to cause this problem?

Many thanks,

For anyone else who may experience this, my mistake was in the midi routing. I have a patchbay and rather than patching HUI <-> PC directly, I had it in merge mode. That meant HUI → HUI & PC, PC → HUI & PC. That was the source of the feedback loop. Once I switched to direct patching the faders began behaving normally.