HYBRID Bundle - Where are MULTIs?

I just viewed a YouTube video from Sample Fuel showing 25 or so Multis that supposedly are part of the Hybrid (Poly and Wave) Bundle. I can’t seem to find these on my Halion. Weirdly enough, except for a handful that I have created, I can’t find any multis at all. Am I missing a path or setting somewhere? Is there maybe some extra installation step that I need to perform to make these show up? Or does Halion (I have the full version) not come with any multis? Thanks.

We don’t check these forums very often. If you are still having a problem send us an email at info@samplefuel.com and we will help sort it out for you.

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Thanks for checking! I sent an email in to Sample Fuel near the same time as I posted this note, and the issue was resolved quickly and easily. Great support much appreciated.

Hi downtown

May I ask - what was the solution? Because I can’t seem to find the multis either.


They sent me a link to download. Very nice people.