Hybrid HD's

Has anyone had any sucess or demise with Hybrid Drives for audio samples? I am having a problem with, crackles and skips in timing with some VST instruments and I am not sure if the probelm is due to the 6.02 crackle problem found by Early21 (I do not use any insert effects) or my Hybrd drive. I have installed a G-Tech Raid Mini drive using e-sata express card to my Mac Book Pro which also has the same Hybrid drive in it. Speed is amazing, but now not sure it is stable. I modified the G-Tech drive with (2) 500 gb 7200 RPM Hybrid drives, each with 32 mb cache and 4 gb of sd flash, Seagate Momentus drives running in Raid 0? The one that sees both drives as on big 1 tb drive. So when I have a VST plugin running within Cubase 6.02 I am getting crackles and time skipping periodically. I am not sure if the problem might be related to the Hybrid drives or not or the RAID configuration.

Anyone have an experience or comment on using Hybrid Hard Drives for external samples??

Thank You