Hybrid Setup - Cubase 8 and all in one Digital Mixer

Hi First Post.

Paul Here :slight_smile:

Just started using Cubase for the first time in about 14 years again and am building up a versatile semi-pro / project studio at my business space.

Love the approach of dedicated controllers - and have lots of hybrid controllers / systems ; Softube Console 1, Access Virus Ti, Maschine Studio + Komplete S61 etc .

Starting to get used to the new flow of Cubase 8 , and currently using a 18i20 and also have an ipad with V Control and Cubase IC Pro on it.

However, the one thing i feel is missing from the set up is a “Central Console” to which to plug everything, record to Cubase, route back from Cubase to etc , giving me hands on control of mixing and many of the features of cubase.

I know V control can do most of this but in the past having worked with analogue mixers, i miss the interaction that physical controls give over a screen ; So i was thinking about investing in a Digital Mixing Console to be that central unit.

Looking at things in the range of X32 Mixer or Qu-16/24 01v96i- it needs to be USB 2.0 as have no access to firewire.

Here is what i want it to be able to do (or at least ideally) (digital Mixer ) ;

  1. Run all the inputs of synths / guitars / drums etc / mics for tracking in to Cubase and run the outputs to external Efx units / sythns
  2. Control alot of the cubase functions from the console for mixing and possibly tracking etc (Pan / Levels ) (Mackie type control)
  3. Use the Mixing console as an efx processor for sends / inserts with Cubase)
  4. Have good routing interface , so i can set it up quickly how i want without having to constantly repatch cables etc
  5. Motorised Faders
  6. Decent Preamps but alot of line inputs (X32 may be a problem in this respect, but as i understand you can run line inputs right in to the xlr sockets)

At the very least 16 x 16 i/o interface but the more the better for expandibility and to keep my signal path as simple and direct as possible.

I am thinking the X32 might be the best budget (relative) option - either the full version or the producer, but i wanted the communities opinion. The main sticking point is the lack of line inputs, but as mentioned there should be easy ways round this.

I know it is primarly used as a live console, but there seems no reason why it cant be used for very good studio results , for the type of hybrid , hands on set up i like working with.

Any thoughts from anyone who uses digital mixers in a similar way and how they find it (particulary the models mentioned ) would be greatly appreciated.

Anyway, i hope i have got my point across well enough, as i am generally not very good at describing what i mean!


You might take a look at the newest O1v.

I believe it now has an “r” suffix or something.

In any case - it now functions as a 16 x 16 USB audio interface, also.
Routing is quite flexible.

And the O1v also functions as a controller for Cubase.
Really works quite well.
Most functions are supported. Doesn’t have touch sensitive faders, though, which I am now addicted to for writing automation.
I used to use mine as such before I got my MCU units.

I didn’t know that the x32 was an audio interface, also.