Hymnal accompanist introduction brackets

How does one insert accompanist introduction brackets, as in the example below:

On the right side in write mode select the line with the arrow. From the horizontal lines select the one closest to what you need. The right or left end caps can be turned on or off in the properties (at bottom of the screen). You can also adjust the length of the lines as needed. I find once I have the lines (I call them introduction brackets) at the start, if there are any at the end it is easier to select one then alt-click at the desired location at the end.

You can also make custom playing techniques.

(As an aside, these really are not necessary markings. Organists will do whatever they deem appropriate and will typically ignore them.)

While we’re on tangents, that tenor eighth beam is causing me anxiety…

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I had the same thought.

And welcome to the forum, by the way, @kpmack3 ! I just realized this was your first post; if you need more detailed help about creating custom playing techniques just let us know.

Hi @kpmack3 , and welcome from me too.

I’ve created these brackets as Glyph Playing Techniques with Text, which you can copy and paste from the following file. As @Romanos says, let us know if you need more detailed help.

Introduction brackets.dorico (415.2 KB)

In Engraving Options > Playing Techniques I’ve set the minimum distance above the staff for symbols to 1 space.


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Thank you all so much for the help. You’ve saved me a lot of time and frustration. New favorite place to hang out!