‘Hymnbook styled’ measures

Which method is the best to get the following results where there are no barlines, yet the ‘bars’ are broken into systems.

Is it to set the meter to 1/4 and hide all bar lines or is there a more ‘correct’ method? TIA.

You can use an open meter and set system breaks wherever you need them.

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How do I get the c and then open meter? When setting c and then open meter at 2nd note I got

It worked for me…

At the start set the meter shift-m c,0.5
after the pickup shift-m open

Strange, I get a system break.
Psalm_032.dorico (790.6 KB)

Have you allowed open bars to be split over system breaks? Layout Options > Staves and Systems > Casting Off

That solved it. Thank you.

If I want to hide the first barline, how is that done? I could not find ‘invisible barline’ at

(But it might not be the correct way to do it in Dorico.)

The original has a tick-barline after the eighth note. You don’t want to reproduce that to indicate the pickup note?

Yes, you are right, but I was just curious how to handle the case of “hiding bars” assuming there was no pickup bar. I try to learn how to think the Dorico way after many years with another software.

(It would be good with a ‘reference guide’ in the manual where one could find (e.g.) “Invisible bars in xyz, see abc” (where xyz would be some of the competitor software names.)

IIRC Folks who want an invisible bar line modify a tick-barline to zero length.

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I don’t think this sort of approach is appropriate for the Dorico documentation, so I wouldn’t expect to see something like this. Other users are very welcome to write blog posts, guides etc drawing whatever comparisons make sense to them. The Dorico documentation documents Dorico.

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Is Derrek’s method above documented somewhere I can read about it?

That’s correct. The only issue is if you need a score that has both. In that case, using the new properties for the tick barlines allow you to adjust the tick length down to zero in the properties panel.

Try searching the forum for “invisible tick barline” or similar.