Hyper threading on Mac

Can anyone clarify if Cubase 8.5 is written so it can make full use of multicore hyper threading or whether it is still running as a single core program?

Im trying to resolve an overload problem which may be hyper threading related. However there appears to be no easy or reliable way to disable this on a Mac Pro.

The issue I have is that my hardware and software Mac Pro (Quad Core 3.7 Intel Xeon) 16Gb OSX 10.11.6 (El capitan) Cubase 8.5. Lynx Aurora TB audio, has no problem in recording at 64kb buffer size but I need to switch to 2048 buffer for playback (Only running about 5 tracks with a few plugins).

The VST performance meters show no overloads but all of a sudden the red overload light appears without the meters peaking. This is sometimes preceded by noise on the audio sometimes after peak light. Im guessing this may be a system background task intermittently kicking in and causing this, but nothing shows up in the Activity Monitor app which I can see.

Tried changing ASIO guard and boost setting but these do not appear to solve this. Im a relative newbie to the Mac having been a PC user for 30 years.

Any ideas / suggestions welcome.


You won’t get the best VST performance at all buffer sizes, you’ll need to find a happy medium. As for hyper threading. From what I’ve read in the forum. The difference in VST performance between a Mac Pro 6 core vs 12 core is not massive.