Hyper-Threading on or off?

Im using Cubase 8 on a pretty decent machine. I7 3.4 (IIRC) 16gb ram. Win 7 64.

I don’t get much performance issues, ive ran some beastly sessions in PT 10 32 bit on the same machine but sometimes I notice my cubase perfomace meter rising pretty heavily for just 1 or 2 vst loaded with significant patches… In comparison to them PT sessions and some sessions i ran in 7.5 I dont think it should get that so easily…

Who sees a big increase in peformance with Hyper threading disabled? or does this really only apply to older versions?

Yeah…I got the same issues…

Jesus I’m frustrated: http://youtu.be/OHXqPoayo6k

A really annoying thing about trying out hyperthreading and changing cores is that many instruments such as native instruments/ueberschall to name a few see the tweaking as a change of hardware forcing them into an endless cycle of running on 30 minute demo mode with the option to recativate which repeats every time the bios settings change. Really frustrating, a few minutes tweaking can result in hours of re-installs and confusions!

Maybe not relevant to the OP but thought it’s worth pointing out, be sure make a note of original BIOS settings that can be reverted to during the process.

A better, more comprehensive performance monitor such as in Presonus Studio 1 is something long overdue by some years taking into consideration the policies of recent major re-coding/re-design and inclusion of ever more (excellent) Instrumenst, plugins and features by Steinberg.

Such a feature would certainly assist users short list the causes of CPU and Asio overloads and latency experienced by some users.

Wow thats really strange. Is that 8? Or 7.5? Mine is nothing like that but I must check to see if it yields a difference when toggling record enabled.

Thats a very strange one… Keep us posted on this.

Good to know! I dont want to go down that road if its all that much hassle, the problem is not bad enough at the moment. Do you see much of a performance boost with it off? And Im not sure how my other Daws would respond such as Pro Tools.

I have to say that I have had no issues with GPU spiking with hyper-threading. But then my machine is freshly built and installed. The only issue I have had is with a project imported from my previous computer. I still haven’t got to the bottom of that. I thought it was jBridge but ???

I had a problem with the Asio meter spiking so i turned off the Hyperthread and since then i’ve not had any spikes , that’s nearly 3 weeks now :wink:

Oops! Sorry, forgot to answer your question! No, not really any perceivable performance benefits or loss with hyper threading on (here anyway) got a feeling SB need to take full of advantage of hyperthreading, but just might be this particular system, they all different.

Despite having all cores/threads on, every other core was “parked” (cores 1,3,5,7) according to the resource monitor, that, along with the hassle of NI running in demo mode peed me off so reverted back to original settings and it’s all hunky dory now.

Not really had many issues with Asio spikes/overloads or drop outs at all in C8 even with EW play, well not until H5 was installed, that’s a right hog so just tend to use that to edit the step sequencers in the other halion sonic synths and run them. On large projects you have to be careful with the amount of inserts and sends though as they can easily take over and grind you to a halt pretty quick!

Next build though will turn it all on from scratch and be done with it.