Hyperion Brass Elements - Fixing volume issues with MIDI tracks

Every time I started playing or toggled mute/solo for a track sending MIDI to HBE, it goes silent until I manually adjust the Swell. Swell controls Modulation (CC1) and apparently it gets reset to 0.

Here’s a workaround I landed on:


  1. MIDI (menu) > Logical Editor > Setup
  2. If any Event Target Filters exist, remove them.
  3. Event Target Filter > Insert: Type is: Equal: Note
  4. If any Event Transform Actions exists Remove them.
  5. Event Transform Actions > Insert: Type: Set to Fixed Value: Controller
  6. Event Transform Actions > Insert: MIDI Controller No.: Set to Fixed Value: CC 1 (Modulation) . I had to type “CC 1” here.
  7. Event Transform Actions > Insert: Man Value: Set to Fixed Value: 72 (or whatever value you want).
  8. At the top, click on the Preset and Save Change as Preset. Give it a name and save it.

Open the piano roll editor.

  1. Select your track.
  2. Select the midi part.
  3. Click in a safe region of the the piano roll editor to make it active.
  4. Use Ctrl+A to select every note.
  5. MIDI (menu) > Logical Editor > Apply Preset
  6. Choose your preset and apply it.

Rinse and repeat for each MIDI part.

You can also use Edit > Key Commands… > Process Logical Presets to assign your preset a keyboard combination to streamline 5 and 6…